Protein Hair Mist 4oz

Now: S$39.90

Our ProtectiveProtein Hair Mist has proteins of Carrot, Kale and Lemon making this product a Keratin free mist, as well as 100% Vegan!
The patented Vegabead Technology infuses, hydrates, and nourishes your hair!

Vegabeads are tiny, thin-membraned beads encapsulated with Shea Butter and Dimethicone that burst into your hair as you brush, comb, or style!

A Vegabead Silicone is a controlled-release, microcapsule that repair hair damage while it moisturizes.
Unlike traditional walled capsules, the
Vegabead Technology selectively targets damaged sites along the hair shaft with a poly-amphoteric charged, ultra thin membrane, that actively repairs split ends.

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